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More than 12 Poles at Pole dancing classes Johannesburg, Aerial Fabric coming soon, Aerial Hoop and more, Pole dancing classes Johannesburg is one of the best Pole Fitness and Aerial Dance studio in Johannesburg, Sandton offering the experience of intimate classes by our certified instructors. Pole dancing classes Johannesburg works to support and empower the pole dancing community by fostering a safe, welcoming and creative space for new and advanced pole dancers to explore and grow.

At Body & Pole we offer over 20 weekly classes on our schedule which you will not find anywhere else.

Pole Fitness, Flexibility Training, CoreAerial, Floor Fusion, Finding Your Freestyle, Pole’Ography, INVERTable, Liquid Motion, Vertical Ballet Barre, BodyART, handstand workshops and so much more.

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Pole dancing clothes

Pole dancing clothes
Pole dancing clothes

Pole dancing clothes

Pole dancing clothes

Pole dancers wear specific clothes and garments and that helps them when they are doing their pole tricks. Most people label pole dancers as strippers and judge them usually for their dress code but what they actually need to know is how bare skin and less clothes actually aid the dancers. Important! Not all pole dancers are necessarily strippers so if you understand this you will understand the rest of the article.

Pole dancing is a hobby and sport to many, some pole dance to entertain at VIP parties or at the gentlemen’s clubs. When dancers dance they usually wear less so that their skin can grip the pole and they can be able to swing around the pole. One of the keys to being able to do the moves correctly is getting the right amount of friction between your skin and the pole, hence less clothing.

Wear short shorts and a sleeve-less top. Many professionals also chose tops that expose their midriff as they can take advantage of the friction between their abdominal area and back and the pole for specific spinning moves. Pole dancing clothes are a very important aspect of pole dancing.

With regard to the shoes, it might depend on where you take your class. Some recommend that you train barefoot, and use heels for shows, or others more focused on the fitness side can recommend flexible trainers, or foot wraps, such as Nike Trainers. The same goes for gym gloves, which can protect your hands while you are getting used to gripping the pole. The specifics are different at all the various gyms but these are the basic outlines.

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