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More than 12 Poles at Pole dancing classes Johannesburg, Aerial Fabric coming soon, Aerial Hoop and more, Pole dancing classes Johannesburg is one of the best Pole Fitness and Aerial Dance studio in Johannesburg, Sandton offering the experience of intimate classes by our certified instructors. Pole dancing classes Johannesburg works to support and empower the pole dancing community by fostering a safe, welcoming and creative space for new and advanced pole dancers to explore and grow.

At Body & Pole we offer over 20 weekly classes on our schedule which you will not find anywhere else.

Pole Fitness, Flexibility Training, CoreAerial, Floor Fusion, Finding Your Freestyle, Pole’Ography, INVERTable, Liquid Motion, Vertical Ballet Barre, BodyART, handstand workshops and so much more.

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pole dancing classes johannesburg


Pole dancing classes johannesburg

Pole dancing classes johannesburg
Pole dancing classes johannesburg

Pole dancing classes johannesburg

Pole dancing classes Johannesburg

Pole dancing arguably emerging as a competitive sport in the underground. Gone are the days when we used to think its a taboo trade, many see pole dancing as a stimulus for sex as many often link it to stripping. Yes the media has planted the idea of stripping being taboo yet it really is not. Today Pole dancing classes johannesburg schools a score of women daily training them to be efficient dancers whether its to entertain or simply as a hobby. Well we will look at different aspects of pole dancing and what exactly it entails and go in detail about the benefits of pole dancing!

Firstly Pole dancing  is a sport that helps you acquire the expertise to actually dance professionally. Whether you want to entertain at parties or even dance at a night club we will prepare you for the different criteria. You will have the flair of a dream dancer and we know this because we have in actual fact, transformed a beginner to a pro in just a few lessons. Although it seems easy, a lot of hard work is needed to achieve this success. You need dedication to be a dancer and it would help if you learn fast as well.

The second aspect we would like to touch on is cardio. Pole dancing is very good as a cardiovascular exercise as it drops your jean size and weight significantly! that vigorous swinging and swerving on the pole will get your weight down and burn your fat in the process. Do not worry about diets that do not work, we got you!

Pole dancing will also get your body strength and balance on 7th gear, you will build lovely triceps and tone your thighs to supermodel status while keeping slim. Book your classes today and benefit from Pole dancing classes johannesburg.

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