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More than 12 Poles at Pole dancing classes Johannesburg, Aerial Fabric coming soon, Aerial Hoop and more, Pole dancing classes Johannesburg is one of the best Pole Fitness and Aerial Dance studio in Johannesburg, Sandton offering the experience of intimate classes by our certified instructors. Pole dancing classes Johannesburg works to support and empower the pole dancing community by fostering a safe, welcoming and creative space for new and advanced pole dancers to explore and grow.

At Body & Pole we offer over 20 weekly classes on our schedule which you will not find anywhere else.

Pole Fitness, Flexibility Training, CoreAerial, Floor Fusion, Finding Your Freestyle, Pole’Ography, INVERTable, Liquid Motion, Vertical Ballet Barre, BodyART, handstand workshops and so much more.

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pole dancing classes johannesburg


Pole dance lessons for beginners in Sandton

Pole dance lessons for beginners
Pole dance lessons for beginners in Sandton

Pole dance lessons for beginners in Sandton

Pole dance lessons for beginners in Sandton

Pole dancing is not a random hobby that one might decide to do. Its more engaging and it requires more than just will and wishful thinking for many Pole dance lessons for beginners in Sandton help them kickstart well paying careers in dancing that earn millions of women across the globe large sums of money. Just because you are a beginner it does not mean that you should undermine your capabilities. All those pro dancers used to be where you are right now hoping and wishing that they too could dance like the pros. All you need to know however is that you are a beginner and being a beginner means challenges and challenges mean that you will be tested. Many give up after trying a couple of times and this is where you will know whether to get off or to continue with the practice. Key word here being persistence, you see like any other thing in the world without persistence you will never reach your targets. Pole dance lessons for beginners in Sandton has excellent instructors that help you prepare properly and have you swinging on poles like you have been at it for 10 years.

So what do they offer you as a beginner for starters? Women of iPole offer you a world class air conditioned, air-tight studio where you can practice under conducive conditions. They will teach you how to prep for your session by teaching you how to stretch before you dance. The type of clothes that you should wear when you are about to dance, the appropriate shoes to wear and the pole tricks are the cherry on top. In 4 weeks you will be ready to dance and noone will know that you were once a beginner. If it sounds good then do it!

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