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More than 12 Poles at Pole dancing classes Johannesburg, Aerial Fabric coming soon, Aerial Hoop and more, Pole dancing classes Johannesburg is one of the best Pole Fitness and Aerial Dance studio in Johannesburg, Sandton offering the experience of intimate classes by our certified instructors. Pole dancing classes Johannesburg works to support and empower the pole dancing community by fostering a safe, welcoming and creative space for new and advanced pole dancers to explore and grow.

At Body & Pole we offer over 20 weekly classes on our schedule which you will not find anywhere else.

Pole Fitness, Flexibility Training, CoreAerial, Floor Fusion, Finding Your Freestyle, Pole’Ography, INVERTable, Liquid Motion, Vertical Ballet Barre, BodyART, handstand workshops and so much more.

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pole dancing classes johannesburg


Pole dance fitness in Johannesburg

Pole dance fitness in Johannesburg
Pole dance fitness in Johannesburg

Pole dance fitness in Johannesburg

Pole dance fitness in Johannesburg

Pole dancing has been a practice that is often tied to shady, sordid adult entertainment clubs, until recently. It has become the new and fun fitness trend across South Africa for women. According to recent study by industry experts. Western modern day pole dancing has evolved into exercise form practiced by not only professionals and performers, but by students, gym-goers and recognized pole athletes. So as you notice it is not all taboo and blue movish at all. Most women do it to just get in shape and if they will perform it for their men they surely are lucky. Lets discuss briefly how pole dancing is beneficial to your health and fitness. Maybe you could learn a thing or two after this.

Firstly Pole dancing gets rid of the extra fat and weight substantially due to the vigorous movements and routines that dancers perform during class. This new and fun form of fitness encourages ladies to wear their stilettos while they break a sweat and dance because it helps challenge the body. They can shed fat while looking sexy at the same time. Imagine how inspiring that could be for ladies.

Pole exercises combine weight training for building muscles and toning them. Dancers learn to support their entire body weight with one arm as they build upper body strength while using their stomach muscles. The combination of strength training, endurance and flexibility is included in pole dancing all wrapped up into one.

If you are not able to bend and touch your toes, pole dancing may be the solution to improve your flexibility. The warm-ups in your average pole dancing class involves plenty of stretches to reduce tension in the body. This could also be an A+ in the bedroom.

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